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Trauma-resilience: Key finding #3 Trauma management needs improving to address Complex PTSD, working conditions and job quality in UK policing

Engaging with over 18000 people between October and December 2018, the Policing: The Job & The Life survey established a new evidence base of over 16500 serving officers and staff from all ranks and roles across the UK. The dataset provides the first ever insight into trauma exposure, impact and its management in contemporary policing and gives a first indication of the prevalence of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and PTSD in the labour market.

Early results indicate that job quality and working conditions in the police are drastically lower than national and European benchmarks in other sectors and also offer forces new insights into resilience, wellbeing and even home life to inform future officer and staff support. Results will be made publically available in Spring 2019 in advance of peer-reviewed academic publications so as to offer forces and national bodies the best chance of addressing the issues it reveals in a timely and proactive way.


You can find out more about the trauma resilience in UK policing project here.

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