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So great was the public outrage from the Braybrook St Massacre that a donation of £100,000 from the late holiday camp pioneer Mr (later to become Sir) Billy Butlin soon swelled to more than £1 million. The Police Dependants’ Trust was up and running.

Regrettably, officers still lose their lives in the line of duty, while others sustain serious injuries; the effects of which can, and often do, bring disaster to the officers and their families for the rest of their lives. And it’s not just the headline-making events that take their toll on the police. Hundreds of equally harrowing, but less high profile stories are held in the Trust’s files.

The families of many former police officers, as well as some who are still serving, have credited their present quality of life to the support they have received from the Police Dependants’ Trust. So far the Trust has supported some 7000 beneficiaries and has distributed grants totalling more than £45 million.

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