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Wellbeing grants

Police Care UK offered wellbeing grants to encourage local initiatives aimed at improving health and wellbeing of police officers and staff.

What were Police Care UK Wellbeing Grants?

A dictionary definition of wellbeing is 'the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy'.

The purpose of our Police Care UK wellbeing grants was to give the opportunity to improve the physical and mental health of serving police officers, staff and volunteers across the UK by enabling and encouraging local initiatives that supported wellbeing. Our wellbeing grants offered additional funding specifically for extracurricular initiatives and activities that would be beneficial to police forces.

Police Care UK wellbeing grants aim to:

  • Improve the understanding of how physical health impacts mental health
  • Increase understanding of mental health issues amongst police officers and staff
  • Increase number of different services available that support officers’ and staff wellbeing

Why did Police Care UK fund wellbeing grants?

Police Care UK is committed to reducing the impact of harm on police and families. We believe that caring for their people is the duty of every police organisation. Our role is to compliment this care and help identify gaps through targeted services, projects and programmes.

As part of our commitment to reducing the impact of harm on police and families, we provided funding for local initiatives designed to improve overall wellbeing at force level. The maximum amount we awarded was £3,000.


There are three main types of project this fund will support, and we have produced some guidance on each of these below

Pioneering projects guidance

There are so many brilliant ideas for improving wellbeing within policing, and we supported some great initiatives. Find out more

Sports association and physical activity guidance

Physical activity boosts mental resilience, improves overall performance, and can aid with physical recovery. That's why we funded projects that improved access to physical activity.

Wellbeing spaces guidance

Police Care Rooms are a vital part of our wellbeing agenda. They enable colleagues to take some time for themselves and decompress.

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