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Covid19 Resilience for the Policing Brain

Advice from Dr Jess Miller on coping with the response to Covid19

As the pandemic starts to shape our world at work and at home, it’s good to just hit the ‘pause button’, to check in to see how we’re doing and thinking.


  • What do you exchange with others about news and social media: is it useful?
  • Choose your position: is it one of strength, humour, new thinking, protection?
  • Think what you DO know & what resources you HAVE (not what you don’t)

Threat Perception

Policing brains are great at threat perception. BUT public panic can disrupt it. We can get triggered and reminded of past jobs (family crises, public disorder…)

  • Think! this is a NEW situation. This is not you in a past scenario.
  • You’re HERE as part of a wider emergency response involving all walks of life.
  • There are police just like you all over the world who will experience this.
  • This will become a job we learn from and think back to when it’s done.


There is lots of talk about isolation and keeping connected– but it’s very different for police and staff still on the job with families at home. Recognise that.

  • Make sure your loved ones understand why you are out at work when you are
  • Bring some humour into this crazy situation, with peers and in the family
  • Create new rituals and routines which include things you do together
  • Find new ways of showing people you care. Even if they seem silly to you
  • Look out for happy strangers. Give people being kind a mental fist bump

Body Resilience

It’s so easy to ‘be in your head’ when responding to the demands of the job and family life. This latent sense of ‘unease’ about the pandemic is something that our bodies have to get on with. We need to give them support to prevent discomfort.

  • Feel strong by re-working fitness into your new routines*
  • Keep nutrition up –even if it’s a shake, a protein bar or chewy vitamins
  • Put effort into rest and mentally tell your body “Thank you, time off now!”
  • Reward your body with a favourite hoodie, chair, a decent stretch, a self-hug!

Covid19– fitness tips!

 If you can’t train outside, why not go online or order DVDs to use at home!

Military Marine training: good for zero space and exertive

TRX Suspension Training: good for zero space, stretching and strength

HIT: good cardio and stress relief. Weights & Tabata: good for zero space, power

MMA and Zumba: Coordination and energy and fun

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